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As safe as houses, Independent Property Group reaps the benefits of Canon’s secure print and data management solution

IPG tells the story of how Canon helped transform their business into a digitised office through imageRUNNER ADVANCE and uniFLOW Online.

Ashleigh Smith, the Trust Accounting and Compliance Manager at IPG, tells the story of how Canon helped IPG transform their business into a digitised office through the introduction of 12 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices (MFDs) and uniFLOW Online print management software. Not only did this solution improve print data security and output quality, but there was a positive impact on print costs and productivity, enabling IPG to remain competitive in their local market.

“Buying, selling, and leasing homes is extremely emotionally charged. It is also an infrequent experience for most people, so expectations and emotions are often difficult to manage. Canon has always provided IPG with a reliable, accurate and efficient suite of print, scan, and document management solution that help us to manage our customers’ needs quickly”

Ashleigh Smith, Trust Accounting and Compliance Manager at IPG

Proud history and challenge

IPG has served the Canberra community for 65 years, having opened its doors in the late 1950’s and building their business by creating happy customers through great service. Specifically, the IPG business strategy is to be quick to market with every house sale. To maintain their edge, deliver exceptional customer materials and maintain security, IPG needed to upgrade its print fleet and transition its print management solution to the cloud.

Managing costs is an ongoing challenge, and any modifications must result in cost savings whenever feasible. This is particularly challenging for real estate agents, as a substantial portion of their industry is composed of small, local businesses. Therefore, to justify significant investment, they needed to be certain that there are tangible benefits for both their business and its customers.

The solution and benefits

To that end, IPG introduced a digitised office environment to ensure the delivery of high-quality print materials, streamlined document workflows and safeguard valuable customer data in accordance with compliance requirements.

In terms of sensitive documentation, IPG has made considerable strides with greater security of customer data. Canon’s multifunction device range includes a Trellix software packed with security functionalities including McAfee® embedded control to secure devices and protect the IPG network from unknown threats. The embedded security software also provides real time protection against malware execution and tampering of firmware to secure confidential data and avoid breaches.

“The data collected for each of our customers, be it buying, selling, or renting properties, is considerable and very often more sensitive than banks, insurance and telecom companies.”

Ashleigh Smith, Trust Accounting and Compliance Manager at IPG

Independent Property Group Real Estate Case Study

Due to the confidential nature of customer data, IPG selected uniFLOW Online, a public cloud-based print and scan management solution. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, it achieves data sovereignty compliance by storing customer data in Australian data centres, ensuring it is protected by Australian laws and governance. uniFLOW Online further adopts Microsoft’s Zero Trust principles to assume no user, device, or service within or outside the organisation can be trusted – protecting sensitive customer data from the increasing risk of data breaches.

Not only does uniFLOW Online protect IPG’s print data against breach, it has also enhanced productivity. Specifically, Ashleigh references the “hundreds of hours saved through PDF compression. We are holding over 3,000 paper files which we have built over many years including key customer data and property documents”. This has streamlined what was previously a very time-consuming process.

In terms of costs, uniFLOW Online has made a considerable impact to the business. As a public cloud-based software solution, there are no on-site servers and maintenance cost.

IPG, like other progressive companies, are now enjoying multiple benefits of bringing print, scan, and document management in-house. In terms of print alone, the new Canon fleet has provided greater agility with all printed materials. New listings can be created and printed within the day whilst door drop campaigns are also created and distributed faster than ever before.

In summary

IPG serves to demonstrate the importance of progressive changes within the real estate industry, particularly over the last few years. “The real estate sector has changed rapidly, much like the rest of the business world, with a significant shift to a more efficient and digitised office environment with public cloud-based connectivity.”

“Canon has been a long-term partner of IPG, assisting with regular technology updates in print, scan, and document management. This has provided the backbone for our rapid customer response”. Through the introduction of a new print fleet, secured by Trellix and managed through uniFLOW Online, IPG has transitioned their print management to the cloud to provide greater working efficiencies, data security and quality print for their customers.

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