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CN20 X 50 IAS H

Ultra-telephoto Servo Cinema lens for 4K optical performance

Command 4K optical performance throughout the 20x zoom range
4k display

This ultra-telephoto zoom lens guarantees superb 4K optical imaging performance throughout its 20x range including using the built-in 1.5x extender.

  • zoom
    Zoom in 50-1,000mm and extend 1.5x for cutting-edge quality

    The go-to lens for single-sensor large-format cameras demanding long focal length for broadcast sports, nature cinematography and digital filmmaking.

  • Bokeh Effects
    Get more creative with the 11-blade iris

    Command more artistic direction in every shot with the use of the 11-blade iris that produces beautiful out-of-focus areas of bokeh.

Get more control with an ergonomic servo drive unit
servo drive uni

Easily access the fully programmable zoom, iris, and focus position and speed settings on the compact LCD display featured on an ergonomic drive unit.

  • versatile lens
    Discover the advantages of PL/EF mount communication

    Engage multiple lens communication methods like Cooke/I technology on the PL-mount while the Canon EF-mount also supports various lens metadata.

  • Get better results on location with this highly durable lens

    The entire lens employs a tough, optimal chassis structure, is weather and shock resistant and boasts leading environmental performance capabilities.

CN20 X 50 IAS H
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