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How to Up Your Instagram Game with the EOS RP

Photographer itchban has blazed his way through Instagram with his epic travel images, building a loyal following of over 100k followers. Here he shares tips on standing out from the crowd and tells us why he thinks the mirrorless EOS RP is the perfect camera for creatives in search of Instagram success.

Standing Out From the Insta Crowd

Sydney Opera House by @itchban

With over a billion users, Instagram is undeniably one of the world’s leading social channels, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a mark. Of course it’s important to carve out a niche for yourself and to be consistent with your posting, but itchban believes Insta success comes down to one core element. There are many ways to stand out on Instagram, but in my experience the first and most important step is to improve your skills and foundations in photography.

It’s a simple idea but it makes a lot of sense. After all, Instagram is a visual platform and being able to produce more compelling, higher quality images and content will give you a huge advantage.

Taking the Leap from your Smartphone to a Camera

Seascape image by @itchban

If you’re ready to start taking your photography more seriously then it’s time to level up your gear. One of the biggest disadvantages of using a smartphone is the sensor size.

The quality you can get from a smartphone camera is decent. We’ve all taken great photos with our smartphones when the lighting is ideal, but they fall apart in more challenging situations when the lighting conditions aren’t perfect. Outside of the perfect lighting conditions, the results are often quite muddy and blurry, and the overall quality is low. This is where the benefits of a proper camera come into play and this leads me to one of the most common questions I get asked on Instagram: Which camera should I buy?

Meet the Canon EOS RP

For Instagrammers who want to upgrade from a smartphone or entry-level camera the perfect camera for Instagram right now is the Canon EOS RP. Here’s a few of his reasons why…

1. Powerful Full Frame Sensor for Superior Image Quality

The EOS RP boasts a professional-grade full frame sensor, which is an industry standard that a lot of professionals use. As well as eliminating the crop factor caused by smaller sensors, full frame sensors also allow you to shoot with a shallow depth-of-field and achieve a beautiful bokeh effect.

Being able to shoot with smooth bokeh and achieve those beautiful blurry backgrounds is one of the main reasons pros shoot with full frame cameras. It allows you to ensure your subject looks sharp while the background is nice and blurry—perfect for shooting professional-looking portraits.

Model posing in front of Queen Victoria Building

2. Next Level Low-Light Capability and Dynamic Range

Want to shoot at night or in poorly-lit locations? No problem! With the EOS RP’s large full frame sensor, you’re able to capture more light, which means you can shoot high quality images no matter where or when you’re shooting. If you’re going to take your Instagram account to the next level, you really need to be able to continue shooting long after the sun has set.

The full frame sensor of the EOS RP is also coveted for its impressive dynamic range, which makes it possible to capture more detail in the shadows and highlights of a scene and unlock all sorts of creative options once you get to the editing stage.

3. Serious Image Resolution for Greater Creative Flexibility

Having a greater number of megapixels gives you greater flexibility. Whether you’re editing or printing your photos, having 26 megapixels at your disposal provides plenty of resolution to adjust and crop into, giving you more creative choices and the best possible results.

Image of skyscrapers by @itchban

4. Portable Perfection That’s Built to Travel

Mirrorless cameras are more compact and portable than DSLRs, making them perfect for photographers who want a small travel camera setup without having to compromise on quality. The EOS RP is a prime example. Weighing in at only 485g, it’s the most lightweight and compact model in the EOS R series.

This is Canon’s smallest and lightest EOS full frame camera, which makes it travel-ready and perfect for everyday use. Heavier cameras always make me think twice about whether or not I want to carry them out with me in more casual situations, so this definitely lightens that burden. The EOS RP is the camera you’ll have with you all the time.

Steps on the poolside

5. Lightning-Fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

The EOS RP features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect seamlessly to your smart devices for rapid editing and sharing. This technology also makes it quick and easy to shoot remotely from your smartphone, which opens up a world of creative possibilities. Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is priceless when you’re travelling and want to quickly share your images to Instagram, and with Canon’s Camera Connect App it’s now easier to share your photos instantly.

6. Unbeatable Value for Money

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this mirrorless marvel. In my honest opinion, the EOS RP is at the top of the list of cameras I’d recommend to those who are looking to improve their photography and upgrade to a full frame camera. It’s the most affordable and progressive option out there at the moment, with all the future-proof features you could wish for from a full frame.

Find out more about the EOS RP here.

All images by @itchban. See more of his work on Instagram.

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