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Feature Image by: Greg Sullavan, Canon Photographer

Discover 5 amazing photography locations in Queensland

Queensland is a big place, with about 7000 kilometres of coastline, ancient rainforests, spectacular waterfalls and iconic outback – not to mention a place called the Great Barrier Reef. The Sunshine State has an embarrassment of riches for photographers. Here are some of Brisbane-based Canon Photographer Greg Sullavan's favourite places to shoot around Queensland.

1. Thallon

Every Australian has the calling to head west and see the outback. Visit the small town of Thallon, about 50 minutes’ drive south from St George towards the New South Wales border. Graincorp have done something rather unique with their massive grain silos all throughout Australia and commissioned artists to create giant murals on the otherwise drab, grey silos.

Image of Thallon by Jay Collier

Photo tip:
• Sunrise is a great time to photograph the silos, as first light hits the colourful mural inspired by the Australian outback. The morning light will also reveal kangaroos and other Australian wildlife, all interested in what you are doing there.

2. Charters Towers

Some of the best photographic opportunities in Australia are nowhere near the coastline. About two hours west from Townsville is Leahton Park, near the town of Charters Towers. What’s special about this place you ask? It’s all about the cows – big Texas Longhorns. ‘Mick’ runs the unique attraction, on 1100 acres with wagon tours, a saddlery and other curiosities. Half of the fun is cruising around the property with Mick, a wonderful character.

Image of Charters Towers by Jay Collier

Photo tip:
• A lower aperture such as f/4 will separate the subject from the background using selective focus.

3. Heron Island

Truly one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth, Heron Island is two hours by ferry off the coast of Gladstone. The iconic colours of the Southern Great Barrier Reef – with the white sand, turquoise water and blue sky – will stay deeply etched in your memory for a lifetime. There’s a shipwreck lying on one side of the channel as you arrive, which is like a suggestion of things to come. Heron Island is home to an incredible array of wildlife both under and above the water line. If you dream of snorkelling with rays, sharks and turtles, then you won’t be disappointed!

Image of Heron Island by Jay Collier

Photo tip:
• The PowerShot G1X Mark III with the matching WP DC56 underwater housing is a perfect combination for this kind of shooting.

4. Ipswich Hot Air Ballooning

Located right on the doorstep of Brisbane, you can experience the magic of hot air ballooning only 45 minutes from the CBD. Floating Images in Ipswich run hot air balloon rides that are perfect for an aerial photography experience over the countryside. The sunrise start is worth waking up early for, as the colourful balloons slowly inflate and the sun’s first light illuminates the scenery. October is Jacaranda season, and the colourful tapestry of trees fills your visual senses and rewards you with some beautiful photography.

Image of Hot Air Balloon at Ipswich by Jay Collier

Photo tip:
• You’ll need a fast shutter speed to ensure your images are nice and sharp as the balloon moves over the landscape with the wind.

5. Charlotte Plains Station, Cunnamulla

Charlotte Plains station is an old sheep station from the glory days of Australian wool production, with absolutely iconic outback scenery. On the property is a century-old bore that pumps hot water from the ground straight into a couple of old bath tubs – a unique experience for a shoot.

Image of Charlotte Plains Station at Cunnamulla by Jay Collier

Photo tip:
• Set your camera up for time-lapse astrophotography and spend a night in the tub watching the stars. For the best results, prepare a flask of coffee and contemplate the universe in your own time. Just remember that it gets cold out there at night in winter! 

Photos taken by Canon Photographer, Greg Sullavan