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Feature Image by: Kelly Brown

The Importance of Photographing Your Children: From the Mum of Quintuplets

Kim Tucci knows about the importance of capturing life with babies better than most—she has five of them! Kim’s the mum of one-year-old quintuplets with three older siblings. You can watch her story here.

Those milestone moments in your baby’s early years can just go by in a haze, but for us to have so many beautiful quality images to tell those stories for a lifetime and take us back to that place in time is irreplaceable.

If we didn’t have photos, I don’t think we’d even remember any of those special moments.

It’s hard to divide myself between nine people, and still have time to look after myself. Our life is full of chaos and it’s hard to create that bond that you would have if you had a single baby. We have volunteers and carers, and while we need them and we appreciate everything they’ve done so dearly, we just don’t get those moments to ourselves.

If there was one word to describe my life right now it would be… tiring.

The first year of our quintuplet’s life has just gone by so fast, it’s almost like a blur. I do take a lot of photos, but it’s Vaughn who really has the creativity to truly capture moments as they really are. They’re now at such a cute age where they are crawling around and starting to explore their world and surroundings. Its extraordinary to witness and to have those adventures documented in imagery.

Kelly Brown and the Tucci Family

In this image Beatrix was sick at the time and I was warming her up with my body heat. I was so tired, but Vaughn quickly ran for the camera and was like, ‘wait there and hold that position’. It was just in the moment, and he just had to take it.

Kelly Brown and the Tucci Family

I captured this photo on the quintuplets first birthday. Watching five little faces light up when I walked out with five teddy bears was magical. Everything my body and mind has gone through has been worth it when I see this picture. I see nothing but health, happiness and love looking back on this photo.

Kelly Brown and the Tucci Family

Catching the first cuddles Vaughn had with our babies was an amazing moment, it almost stood still in time. We are so blessed to have five healthy babies.

Being a parent is one of the best jobs in the world and I don’t want to lose the memories.

For some inspiration and ideas on how to capture these special moments, have a look at these baby photography tips from Canon Master Kelly Brown.