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Gemma Peanut is Loving Our New Guided Display

“Canon’s new kickass Guided Display is a total game changer”.

So you’re thinking of splashing out on a shiny new DSLR, but the thought of having to sit down and decode all the technical mumbo jumbo makes you want to throw in the towel before you’ve even begun!

And a part of you knows that shooting in auto mode doesn’t cut it anymore—you want to take control of your camera and achieve those shots you see in your mind’s eye, instead of clicking away like crazy, hoping to fluke a decent shot. *Sigh*

Well, I’ve got good news! Canon have heard the cries of all beginner photographers and responded with a Guided Display that actually makes sense! No more hitting that ‘menu’ button and being confronted by a million puzzling options. This new Guided Display uses visual cues and actual human-speak. Huzzah! They’ve saved us from getting lost in a vortex of tech terms like aperture, f-stops and shutter speed. With just a slide of a finger on the touch screen, you can ditch automatic mode, learn as you shoot with each click of a button and take your photography to new levels.

Let’s break down my two favourite features of this Guided Display.


Capturing movement has never been easier when you turn that dial over to “TV” mode. It was once essential to put your mathematician hat on and understand fractions to make sense of shutter speed. But now, Canon’s Guided Display boils it down to two simple terms “Flowing” and “Frozen”. Plus, there are accompanying images to really rid you of any confusion.

Canon Guided Display TV Mode Example

Slide towards “flowing” to get that misty water effect or towards “frozen” to freeze all of the movement.

 Canon Guided Display TV Mode Example

Canon Guided Display TV Mode Example

(And BONUS—the Guided Display will even give you handy hints like when to use a tripod!) 


The Guided Display when in AV mode is perfect for creating those blurred out backgrounds that we all love because Canon have adopted the intuitive terms “blurred” vs “sharp” You no longer have to know what f4.0 is compared to f22. And once again, there are matching visuals to help you out!

Canon Guided Display AV Mode Example

It’s as simple as sliding your finger over to “blurred” to really hone in on your subject or over to “sharp” to have everything crisp in focus.

Canon Guided Display AV Mode Example

So photography is no longer reserved for the tech-heads! Let your DSLR be your guide to taking better photos- you’ll be the boss of your camera in no time.

The Guided Display is now available on the Canon EOS 800D. EOS 77D and EOS 200D.

Switching on Guided Display in your camera

In case your Guided Display is switched off, simply follow the instructions below to switch it on.

Press the Menu button

Guided Display 

Tap on the icon with the camera and person

Guided Display

Change your selection to the options on screen below: 

Guided Display