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The Shot: Krystle Wright's quest to grow and evolve in photography

Embarking on a passion project is an interesting rabbit hole to venture down. As an artist, I am always searching for ways to grow and evolve in the photography medium. I know this will come through when I push myself outside the comfort zone. I came into this shoot with no expectations and a clear concept in my mind, and as usual it doesn't quite go exactly to plan, but that's the beauty of working in the outdoors.

The concept was to see what it would be like utilising a drone to position the Speedlites – it’s not easy to access waterfalls and get into the desired position. I rigged myself to a rope attached to a tree, overhanging the lip of the waterfall, and shot the kayakers as they paddled underneath me.

I rigged myself to a rope attached to a tree, overhanging the lip of the waterfall, and shot the kayakers as they paddled underneath me. 

One aspect of this shoot – which I had not fully considered – was the fact that each time the kayaker would paddle over the edge, I would only have one shot. I absolutely love this because it really focuses on quality over quantity. Over the three days of the shoot, I may have only shot enough to fill one roll of film (without including the test shots when setting the flashes).

When I first got into photography, with my disposable cameras that I'd take on school camps, I remember planning out my shots. I would allow only 3 or 4 photos per day, so the roll of film would last the whole trip. I felt like this shoot encapsulated a similar feeling, and it brought up a lot of excitement and also nervousness. It's important to remove the guarantee, as it strips away the method of playing it safe. It’s a scary feeling to realise that this all might fall apart, but it also pushes me to be on my toes and not fall into a lazy rhythm.

Often as a nomad, I am by myself and I worry that maybe I've become too accustomed in being by myself. But when I can share my passion with other similar like-minded friends, wow, what an incredible atmosphere to be a part of. The momentum and vibe amongst the group was absolutely amazing and made the whole experience worth it! For now I am happy with what we all achieved together, though I know in time, my mind begins to tick over and start thinking how can I evolve this project and raise the bar again.

Article by Krystle Wright.

Special Thanks to: Erik Boomer, Larkin Carey (Falkor Aerials), Sarah Park, Matt Park, Michael Ori, Joey Jonaitis, Rush Sturges, Dane Jackson, Rafa Ortiz, David Fusili, David Spiegel, Rob Fusili, Canon Australia, Canon USA, NRS, F-Stop Gear, and KEEN.