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Cameras for Everyday Moments

Capture and share life’s precious moments with our range of lightweight and user-friendly cameras.
Choosing a camera for everyday use
Consider these essential factors while selecting the perfect everyday camera that suits your needs. Whether you're capturing family memories, choosing your first camera or capturing candid moments from portraits to landscapes the ideal camera should strike a balance between intuitive controls and portability.
  • Wil Calabio photographing using the EOS R50

    Shoot and share with ease

    Whether you’re starting out with auto shooting modes or ready to take the next step, our cameras are designed for intuitive operability.

  • Canon EOS Mirrorless Camera with RF lenses

    Flexible and versatile

    Maximise your shots with the ability to swap out lenses best suited for your subject or scene.

  • Canon EOS camera with viewfinder

    Portable and lightweight

    These cameras are comfortable enough to carry around with you. Always be ready to capture life's moments in quality.

Best Cameras For Everyday Moments
  • EOS R100

    Built-in creativity with auto shooting modes recommended for family memories, candid moments and photographers looking for their first camera.
    • Creative Assist and Creative Filters
    • 24.1MP image quality
    • 4K 24p (crop) video
  • EOS R50

    Get creative capturing everyday moments with the flexibility of a vari-angle touch screen. Recommended for selfies when you want to get in the frame.
    • Auto modes like Advanced A+
    • 24.2MP image quality
    • 4K 30p (uncropped) video
  • EOS R7

    Fast and fully featured APS-C crop sensor mirrorless camera. Recommended for capturing moving subjects like sports, animals and vehicles.
    • High speed up to 30fps
    • High resolution 32.5MP image quality
    • Steady handheld shooting with IBIS
  • EOS RP

    Full frame mirrorless camera great for candid portraits, city wanderers and sightseers
    • Lightweight full frame
    • 26.2MP image quality
    • 4K 24p video
Recommended Everyday Lenses
With over 30 RF Lenses on offer, there's a perfect match for everyday moments.

Canon for the Creators - Find Your Kit

Explore the world of Canon’s EOS R Mirrorless range, featuring both full frame and APS-C sensors. Whether you're an aspiring vlogger, a travel photographer, or a filmmaking enthusiast, we've got you covered. Explore our curated selections to find cameras that align with your unique content creation style, or take our interactive quiz to pinpoint the ideal Canon camera setup that resonates with your creative vision. It's more than choosing a camera—it's about crafting your storytelling toolkit.

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