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Top Tips On Saving Your Printer’s Ink

A printer is one of those essentials that you need for the home office or study area. There are so many ways to use it; printing documents, school projects, quality photos or DIY papercrafts just to name a few.

At Canon, we want to make sure you get the most out of your printer. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you get the full advantage out of your Canon printer and inks and ensure they stay in their best condition.

• Save ink by using draft mode: If you’re printing for just reference or review, consider using ‘Draft’ mode under the Printer Quality settings to save ink. Just remember to switch back to ‘Standard’ or ‘High’ mode when printing your final copy.

• Utilise duplex printing: Be kinder to the environment and save time, paper and money by printing on both sides of the paper. Many Canon Pixma printers are equipped with Auto Duplex Printing which helps speed up the process.

Canon Pixma printers are equipped with Auto Duplex Printing

• Keep your Canon printer in an optimal setup: Avoid keeping your printer in dusty environments or placing it in the direct path of an air conditioner draft. This kind of exposure could dry the ink in the print head more quickly.

Keep your Canon printer in an optimal setup

• Use Genuine Canon Inks: Using Genuine Canon inks helps to guard your Canon Printer against damage and possible machine malfunction. Third party inks may cause photo colours to fade faster, or papers to curl due to incompatibility. You can enhance the performance of your Canon printer by ensuring it is protected from internal damage. Find out more about Benefits to buying Genuine Canon Ink.

• Reduce ink wastage: Our printers are designed to alert you when ink is running low or empty. On our range of individual ink cartridge printers, you only need to replace the cartridge or bottle that has been depleted, so ink wastage is reduced.

• Use the right type of paper: Depending on what you’re printing, make sure to use the right type of paper for the best outcome. For example, when printing photos use Canon’s Gloss or Matte Photo Paper. This ensures you get those vibrant colours and crystal-clear deep colours. Even when printing documents, use good quality paper as it prevents paper dust from clogging the printer.

• Consider the cost savings from total cost of ownership: Consider our Pixma MegaTank range of continuous ink printers. These printers use large ink bottle refills rather than ink cartridges for more efficient printing which could be a big cost saving in the long-term.

Pixma Endurance MegaTank range use large ink bottle refills rather than ink cartridges for more efficient printing

• Buy in bulk and save: Value packs are available for all of our most popular ink ranges. When you buy a value pack you can save 12% off RRP for standard sized inks, 15% off RRP on XL sized inks and 15% off RRP for ink & paper value packs.

Canon magnetic and restickable photo paperCanon ink cartridges

• Print more with XL and XXL sized inks: Save money on genuine Canon inks with the optional high yield XL and XXL cartridges, which allow you to print more for less. It also means you can print for longer without having to purchase new cartridges.

Canon Pixma ink XL in BlackCanon Pixma ink XXL in Black

By using these practical tips, you’re on the way to getting the best results from your Canon printer.

Whether you’re are student, professional, home office user on crafter, we want you to balance work, school and play by unlocking the full potential of your printer. Find more creative printing inspiration here.