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Feature Image by: Collective Gen

DIY Tasseled Hanging Photo Display

Create an easy tasseled hanging photo display to showcase your favourite memories in a creative way at home. In this tutorial, Geneva from Collective Gen shows us how easy it is to make a statement in your house using your favourite pictures and only a few materials.

To create a Tasseled Hanging Photo Display, you'll need:

A Canon Pixma printer
Square and 2x3 photo paper
• Six pieces of acrylic sheeting (two per frame), cut a little bigger than the photos you want to use.
• Six small butterfly clips (two per frame)
• Two metres of thin cord
• Eight metres of brown twin (Four metres per tassel)
• Wooden beads

A Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Tasseled Hanging Photo Display:

1. Print your photos. We used two square photos with a white border and one landscape photo with a white border.
2. Lay each photo on top of one of the pieces of acrylic sheeting, and then place the other piece of acrylic sheeting on top.
3. Use a butterfly clip to secure the top and bottom of the two sheets of acrylic. Thread some cord through the top butterfly clip, and knot it off to create a hanger.
4. To attach two frames together, use the cord to thread through the butterfly clips and knot it off, putting a bead in the middle to space the frames.
5. At the bottom of each frame, use cord to thread through the clip, tie it in a knot and then add another few beads. Put a knot after the beads to keep them in place.
6. To make the tassels, wrap your 4 metres of twine around a piece of cardboard.
7. Remove the cardboard leaving the looped twine.
8. Tie some twine around the top of the looped twine, and then cut the tassel open at the bottom. Trim the ends for a clean finish. Tie to the bottom using the twine to finish the wall hanging.
9. Use picture hooks or adhesive hooks to hang the frames on the wall.

Collective Gen is a DIY and How-to website showing you how to make and create your own style – in fashion, home and lifestyle.