Canon’s Xephilio OCT-A1 provides automated ocular imaging with outstanding accuracy

Achieve accurate, detailed ocular imaging, quickly and easily with Canon’s Xephilio OCT-A1. Take advantage of automated features to optimise examinations, and a high scanning speed for short examination times that increase efficiency and patient comfort. This affordable OCT-A1 detects diseases like glaucoma and macular disease early so sight can be saved. With detailed analysis of retinal thickness using comparisons with normative databases, ETDRS grids, various tables and 3D visualisations, macular disease can be detected and managed. Support for NFL + GCL + IPL and GCL + IPL measurements, and a wide set of graphical representations, means glaucoma can be detected and progression monitored.

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Xephilio OCT-A1
  • Axial Resolution :

    1.6 / 3μm

  • Fundus imaging method :

    Flying spot SLO

  • Minimum Pupil Diameter :

     3.0 mm

  • OCT Depth:

    2.0 mm

  • OCT Width :

    3~13 mm

  • Output on Cornea :

    < 2.67mW (scanning beam controlled by the laser safety system)

  • Scan Rate :

    70,000 A-scan/second

  • SLO Size (H x V) :

    13 mm x 10 mm

  • Transversal Resolution :

    20 μm

  • Wave Length :

    855 ± 5 nm

  • Working Distance :

    35 mm