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CXDI-401C Compact

High quality & resolution with a pixel pitch of 125 microns
High quality & resolution with a pixel pitch of 125 microns
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    Enhanced sensitivity

    Superb image quality in a low dose digital radiography system. Sensitive and tailor-made for pediatric & orthopedic use. CXDI software NE enhances workflows, perfect for table or stand solutions.

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    Better images

    Images with higher resolution, sensitivity & signal to noise performance, enables you to provide enhanced treatment level. Save time with practical cassette handling and real-time viewing.

  • Optimised workflow icon

    Work better

    With added pressures on the industry, optimising your workflow with DR solutions, leaves more time to focus on critical tasks. Use up to 4 detectors at once, for maximum flexibility when you need.

  • Fast image display icon

    As easy as 1, 2, 3

    Intuitive Control Software NE lets you select from main menu to take hi-res images in just 3 touches. Advanced processing shows ultra subtle details in images complies with HIPAA standards and IHE.

CXDI-401C Compact
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Full size and durable

CXDI-401C is a full-sized panel detector that has a high-resolution and high quality detector with pixel pitch of 125 microns. It won't leave you waiting around for your scans to display, taking just 3 seconds to show you the results have the x-ray exposure. It uses CsI scintillator, so patients receive a safer and lower x-ray exposure.

Canon CXDI Compact