EOS-1D C Cinema EOS Camera, Firmware Version 1.4.1

11th January 2018
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Firmware Version 1.4.1 incorporates the following improvements and fixes:

  1. Changes the maximum number of “Release cycles” displayed from 1,000,000 cycles to 9,999,000 cycles. This value can be checked under the “Camera system information” menu.
  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which a synchronization failure may occur during multiple flash shooting.
  3. Fixes a phenomenon in which Error 80 occurs depending on the shutter release timing.

Firmware Version 1.4.1 includes all improvements and fixes provided in previous firmware versions.

Market Support

Customers who own an affected unit and wish to have it updated to Firmware Version 1.4.1 are asked to bring their cameras to their nearest service or repair centers.

Contact Information for Inquiries

Canon Australia: (02) 8873 8585 or email cameraservice@canon.com.au

Canon New Zealand: 0800 222 666 or email helpdesk@canon.co.nz
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