Home Office

Canon has a range of products to suit any home office. We can help make your work easier and ensure you get a professional result every time.
Service & Support

Contacting us is quick and easy.

In Australia call 13 13 83 and in New Zealand call 0800 222 666. Our friendly and helpful phone operators can assist with a wide range of enquiries including;

  • Service technician requests
  • General enquiries with regard to your machine or account
  • Base level over the phone help
  • Consumable orders of items such as toner and paper.
Brilliant colour prints.

Genuine Canon photo papers

To protect the ink from environmental factors that may cause fading, Canon papers have a micro-porous coating that locks the ink below the surface. The result: the photo prints will last much longer.

To prevent excess ink from being left on the paper’s surface, the micro-porous coating quickly absorbs the ink delivered from the fast firing FINE print head. The result: instant-dry prints.

To avoid interference with the glossy top layer, the micro-porous coating on Canon glossy papers locks the ink deeper below the surface than other papers do. The result: a ‘glossy’ finish always is glossy.