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Which Canon printer model is right for me?

Canon has a large range of printers and it can be overwhelming when trying to find the right one for you.

Whether you need to print a high volume of documents or just need a printer to cover all your basic needs, we have the model for you. If you like to print your favourite photos taken on your Canon camera and are in need stunning image quality, then we have the printer for you. Not all printers are created equal, and the right one for you will depend largely on how you intend to use it. Let's explore the different printer types, helping you make the best choice for your needs.

High volume printing

Do you want to maximise productivity while printing? Canon’s imageCLASS laser printers are compact and low maintenance, making them great for higher printing demands such as for those purchasing for offices or businesses. When you need fast, high-quality text prints for documents, contracts, and reports, a Canon imageCLASS monochrome laser printer is an excellent choice; offering speedy printing and cost-efficient text output. If you want to add a splash of colour there are imageCLASS laser printers for that too.

If you need moderate volume with colour, scanning and faxing capabilities our Inkjet MegaTank GX series printers are the right fit. They handle documents and graphics well and are cost-effective for moderate printing volumes. MegaTank refillable ink tanks last longer, helping you save money.

These printers are also great for office and small office environments with all machines automatically printing double-sided, with fast speeds and crisp black text.

Canon MegaTank printer in an office

Hybrid working and home printing

Do you need your printer to support both home and work needs? We have ranges that are great for versatile needs, making it an easy switch between scanning a multi-page document to printing a birthday card. Canon’s PIXMA TR series, for example, is built just for that. They have Auto Document Feeders for scanning those larger documents and can automatically print double-sided to ensure you can quickly and easily print reports and documents while working from home. They also are capable of borderless printing, supporting a wide range of media options. They all have wireless connectivity options, with some offering wired connection as well. Our PIXMA TR series are a great partner to have at home and at work.

Canon printer in a home office

General home printing

Are you looking for a functional but versatile printer that can do a little bit of everything? Canon’s Inkjet PIXMA range is great for this. There are so many options depending on what’s a priority for you. If you need an affordable printer that’s great at the basics, the PIXMA MG series is great for you. Want a few more connection options, borderless printing, and a display to help you navigate your printer with ease? You’ll find your fit in the entry PIXMA TS series. The PIXMA TS series also uses Canon’s Chromalife 100 ink technology with FINE print heads to produce colourful, high-quality photo prints, as well as great-quality mono and colour documents, making them a great all-rounder printer for home use. All of these options are cartridge printers, which you may be more familiar with. They use small individual cartridges for each ink colour which can be easily switched out when they run out.

If you do a lot of home printing - whether it be document or crafting, Canon has a Mega Value alternative to cartridge printers – our MegaTank continuous ink printer range. MegaTank refillable ink tanks last longer, helping you save money. With Canon’s PIXMA MegaTank range, you can find your partner in home printing. While the upfront cost is higher with a MegaTank printer you get up to 3 years of ink in one set of ink bottles*. The PIXMA MegaTank series of printers has many options depending on your needs - speed, paper capacity, media options and functionality.

Want to learn more about the differences between MegaTank and Cartridge technology? Read more about MegaTank and Cartridge Printers and which is the right fit for you.

Canon photo printer

Photo printing

Bring your images to life through your printer, whether it’s by creating a gallery on your walls or starting a family photo album. Your photos deserve to be printed with quality and luckily, Canon has a range of specialised photo printers.

If you’re limited on space or want a portable photo printer Canon’s SELPHY photo printers are great. Canon’s SELPHY CP1500 is a compact, simple-to-use, fast wireless photo printer that gives you beautiful, durable photos that will last up to 100 years*. The Canon SELPHY Square QX10 is a portable Dye-Sublimated thermal printer. That means it produces beautifully bright and clear square photo prints, picking up smooth gradations, reproducing colours faithfully and expressing black tones well. The 1:1 square-shaped photo paper also has the option to peel the back for a sticky surface.

Looking to print in bigger sizes and take your prints to the next level? Canon has a range of PIXMA photo printers, showcase your work with professional, borderless prints on a wide range of papers, up to the size of A3+ with the PIXMA IX6860, PIXMA IP8760 and PIXMA PRO-200.

For professional photographers, take it to the next level with Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO printer series - elevating your images to Fine Art worthy of gallery walls with large format printers. Explore the imagePROGRAF range, starting with the imagePROGRAF Pro-300 and Pro-1000 desktop printers, all the way to the imagePROGRAF PRO 6100, a 60" Professional imaging and fine art printer. Canon’s range of photo printers go hand in hand with our dedication to imagery.

imagePROGRAF Pro-300 printer and Canon EOS camera

To wrap it up, selecting the right printer depends on the specific needs of you and your household, business or office. When deciding on the right printer for you, consider factors such as the type and volume of printing you require, your setting, and any special features that might enhance your workflow. By matching your needs with the right printer, you can ensure that your printing tasks are efficient and cost-effective. Afterall – when your printer works, you work.

Still not sure about the right printer for you? Use our printer finder tool to find your perfect match.