Who are the Canon Collective?

The Canon Collective is an inspired group whose mission is to help you do more with your photography than you ever thought possible. Our Canon photo ambassadors will share their knowledge and expertise to help you perfect your skills, no matter what your level. The Canon Collective attends a variety of major events from fashion to sports, all around Australia. The team also holds regular workshops and special events. Through the Canon Collective you’ll gain access to unique photographic experiences.

Come along, meet new people, learn photography tips and tricks, improve your skills and take part in challenges.

Let the Canon Collective open your eyes to a world of possibilities!

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Collective Ambassadors

Canon Collective Ambassador | Emma Desira
          Canon Collective Ambassador | Erin Kostopulos         
Canon Collective Ambassador | Greg Sullavan

Canon Collective Ambassador | Jay Collier
          Canon Collective Ambassador | Jennifer Cooper         
Canon Collective Ambassador | Steve Huddy

Tip of the Month - Colin Baker - Sports Photography

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