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The one question you must ask when choosing the right vendor

Many questions arise when looking for the right Managed Document Services partner, but one is more important to your business.

When it’s time to choose a Managed Document Services (MDS) partner, there’s a single question you simply must ask in determining if the vendor is a right match.

While total cost of ownership (TCO) will always be a concern, the more important question should be: what is the total value this partnership brings to the table?
That’s because in the larger context of your business, the real question is how your partner can help free up company time and resources, so you can better focus on new innovations. It’s innovations, after all, that open up your company to greater achievements.

From TCO to business benefits.

A shift in thinking from: ‘What’s the TCO here?’ to: “What’s the total value of having this partner in our business?” goes a long way in changing the business mindset of MDS as being an internal service, as opposed to one that opens up more time for other things.

Consider this perspective – those in charge of managing printers often bear the brunt of issues that arise when print services don’t work. As a service organisation that works with printers, your focus will never just be a cost issue – the expectation will always be to provide reliable services.

At Canon, we believe the same thing, because we too are a service organization, that like you, also works with printers.

A partner you can trust.

Our belief is that the true meaning of a partner is one that works with you, sharing your goals and vision.

Our business is to keep yours running smoothly. We deliver on this promise in many ways. All our devices can be remotely monitored.

If there’s a problem, we’ll aim to have it fixed before you even know about it. And, if we find a problem that can’t be fixed remotely, we can send out a technician. Another example: if you’re low on consumables, we’ll automatically have them packed up and on their way without you lifting a finger.

With a service network that’s been operating for 40 years, we have someone available to help.

That’s why we believe choosing a partner based on the total value it brings to business is a more educated choice than simply looking at the total cost of ownership.

After all, a partner that matches your business in terms of thinking and values – one that can be counted on to support you in improving the inner workings of your business – simply makes sense.

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