Five ways automation can transform your business

3rd June 2016

How can your business benefit from the power of automation?

Digital transformation is critical to any business serious about staying agile and competitive in today’s marketplace, and automation plays a vital role in this transformative process.
Internally it has significant benefits like improving productivity, efficiency and staff satisfaction and retention, while externally a business can reap valuable benefits like customer satisfaction, supply chain efficiencies and customer engagement.
Here are five ways to transform your business through automation.
1. Workplace productivity and staff satisfaction
Automating manual document processes, admin tasks and cash flow processes can significantly save time and resources, freeing up staff to focus on more rewarding and challenging tasks.
This way, technologies that are effectively integrated within the organisation can optimise workplace efficiency and offer a more satisfying work routine for staff, who can enjoy more variety and scope for skill development.
2. Accuracy and scalability
Automated electronic document processing, invoicing systems and payroll can not only improve the accuracy and reliability of internal processes, but also minimise liability and risk from potentially costly manual mistakes that may have tax, legal or regulatory implications.
As the company expands, integrated automation processes can offer more scalable solutions while mitigating liability and costs.
3. Improved customer satisfaction
With the proliferation of cloud-based CRM software, social media automation platforms and data and analytics tools, managing customer satisfaction has never been more powerful.
Incorporating software that can capture and analyse customer data can enable even the smallest startup to gain powerful insights into customer profiles, what they want and what they expect from a company’s brand offerings.
These insights can then be used to provide a more engaging and personal customer experience moving forward.
4. Environmental sustainability
Digital automation, cloud-based document management platforms and a more mobile-device-centric working ethos can signal a shift in an increasingly paperless working culture.
This can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint and offer a more environmentally sustainable solution than traditional paper-based document management and storage systems.
At the same time, digitally savvy businesses can save considerable printing and storage time, effort and money while optimising security and privacy.
5. Tracking business growth and opportunities
Automated business data and analytics software, budget tracking tools and sales management platforms can offer powerful ways for businesses to track vital statistics such as income and expenditure, sales targets, customer growth and overall productivity across the board.
As a result, businesses can more accurately identify weaknesses and strengths within their operations, as well as identify fresh opportunities for sales, customer acquisition and growth.
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