Tasty Food Photography Tips from Tara Milk Tea

8th February 2017, 04:40pm

Try these five pointers from the unstoppable Instagram star, Tara from Tara Milk Tea. They'll help turn your shots from meh to mouth-watering in no time.

1. Lighting is key

Good lighting is essential when taking photos. Avoid shooting in direct sunlight or at times when there will be harsh shadows. Afternoon window light in summer is one of my favourite times to shoot. If you are shooting outside, dusk is one of my favourite times.

Tara Whiteman

2. Get up high

Use a step or stool, or even a chair. If you've styled on a table, taking a photo from an above angle can make for a great hero shot. Make sure you can safely get above your set up otherwise you might be missing out on a good shot!

Tara Whiteman

3. Play with framing

My style of food photography is 'more is more'. I like to half crop food out of the shot, to give the illusion that a feast is happening. Play with framing that works to your style. Maybe less is more for you, so you might want to add more of the background in to your shot to achieve this.

Tara Whiteman

4. Ask a friend

I always like to get a second opinion. Maybe a friend will notice something you didn't, or give you a tip that can help improve your shot. Seeing from other people's perspectives can be one of the best things in photography.

Tara Whiteman

5. Edit

While taking the shot is one of the most important steps, editing is just as important. Use tools to edit like Lightroom. Play with colours, exposure and contrast to get your shot looking like how you envisioned it. If you are on the go, and want to edit on your phone, use apps like VSCO, Snapseed or Colorstory– those are my phone favourites!

Tara Whiteman

About @taramilktea:

Tara Whiteman (@taramilktea) is a design and travel creative from Sydney, Australia. Her work is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle as Tara Milk Tea. This mostly includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places and people. Her images are usually portrayed through a kaleidoscope of colour, as she seeks out the most beautiful and brightest places around the world.

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