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Three advantages of Speedlites

The creative possibilities of EOS cameras and Canon Speedlites working together are truly amazing. While it can point straight ahead for fill flash and indoor pictures, the battery-powered Canon Speedlite flash unit also boasts many exciting and unique features.

When you lock a Canon Speedlite into the hot shoe of your EOS DSLR camera, you open the doors to unlimited creativity.

  1. Swivel and bounce
  2. The Speedlite's head swivels in multiple directions to bounce lights off ceilings or walls. Bounce lighting is an easy and great technique to achieve more subtle lighting effects. Although direct flash gives loads of detail on the subject, it can look unnatural as the back of the room gets darker and shadows appear. With bounce flash you lose nasty shadows while the superb metering in EOS cameras works seamlessly with the Speedlite for detail and mood while retaining a sense of light.

  3. Awesome effects
  4. Use your EOS camera and Speedlite together for rear curtain sync and both stroboscopic and slow sync effects. It can even double as a high speed flash for dramatic action stopping effects, plus you can utilise the field flash outdoors with a very wide aperture. 

  5. More possibilities, greater control
  6. Add a Speedlite hot shoe extension cable and you'll be able to take the flash off the camera for even more exciting lighting possibilities while still retaining full exposure control.
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