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Feature Image by: Jonathan & Angela Scott

Tales by Light Photographers Reveal: What Makes a Good Photograph

“The most powerful photographs speak to me with truth. They’re photographs that have been captured at the moment of ecstasy, the moment of trauma, the moment of life or the moment of death.” – Stephen Dupont

The Tales by Light Season 2 photographers—Stephen Dupont, Jonathan and Angela Scott, and Eric Cheng—have each mastered the art of powerful photography in their own way. Here they reveal what they believe is required to create an extraordinary image and what type of photographs truly moves them. 

Jonathan and Angela Scott

This husband-and-wife team are based in Kenya, where they spend much of their time in the company of African wildlife and the Maasai people. 

Image by Jonathan & Angela Scott

Image by Jonathan & Angela Scott

"A great photograph tells a story."

Jonathan Scott

“And it can be a very simple story, but it must evoke something and speak to you. And it will speak to everybody in a different way. Through our photography and our books, we want to take you on a journey. We want to make you feel actually that this is life.”

Eric Cheng

Eric thrives on documenting the intersection of art, technology, adventure and storytelling, especially when it involves the extraordinary world that lives beneath the sea.

Image by Eric Cheng

"I think it’s about starting a conversation. Those are the photographs that are truly great".

Eric Cheng

“There’s so many different ways that a picture might make somebody react. And I think that’s what is so great about photography. The things that people like are all very different.

Stephen Dupont

Photojournalist, Stephen Dupont is passionate about capturing people and cultures disappearing from our world. He is renowned for capturing the human spirit of his subjects with great intimacy. 

Image by Stephen Dupont

"A great photograph needs to make you feel something".

Stephen Dupont

“More importantly, you need to make your audience feel something. You need to move them, to motivate them, and get a reaction. It may not always be a positive reaction, but it needs to be a reaction. That’s the starting point to great photography.“ 

Watch Tales by Light Season 2 to see the journey these photographers take to create impactful images. Stream Tales by Light on Netflix now.

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