CJ12ex4 3B

A 2/3" 4K wide-angle portable lens that's sharp & flexible

CJ12ex4.3B 4K ENG lens
  • ENG compact lens image

    A portable lens that makes your work light work

    With its innovative ergonomic design, the CJ12ex4.3B broadcast lens makes operating a shoulder mounted lens-camera system easy and comfortable to use - even over long hours.

  • 4K UHD XS

    A 4K optical performance lens that adapts to any environment

    With the CJ12ex4.3B broadcast lens you'll achieve outstanding 4K UHD image quality with amazing 4.3mm wide-angle capability - so now you can capture magical panoramas every time.

  • CJ12ex4.3B close up

    A field lens that will expand your vision

    Pursue the ultimate vision. A built-in 2X extender lets you extend your optical reach while still maintaining amazing 4K optical performance.

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