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EOS DSLR Movie Mode tips

You already know that your Canon EOS DSLR takes fantastic still images, but it's also a perfect camera for shooting brilliant, full, high-definition video. The basic principles between stills and video are very similar with everything from exposure to white balance and composition all very important. Get into EOS movie mode and begin shooting films with these seven tips to get your started.

1. Start with an idea

Having a few ideas in mind before you go out there and begin to shoot is important to help you tell your story.

2. Keep the camera stable and in focus

When shooting in EOS movie mode, stability is really important. The camera strap gives a third point of contact to keep your video images as stable as possible.

3. Watch your focus

Something very important in video is getting your focus right and the Canon EOS has got a fantastic auto focused tracking system for fast moving subjects, so every frame is in focus. 

4. Try not to zoom while you're filming

We know it can be tempting but this can actually be distracting for your viewer, and ultimately your film won't look quite as polished.

5. Keep your film clips as short as possible

This helps to keep your viewer's interest and also helps you later on when editing.

6. Don't be afraid to film the environment around you

Shoot more than just your subject for a better context and depth to your story. 

7. Get creative using the video snap shot mode

This mode allows you to limit your clips from two, to four, to eight seconds, and then compiles the video for you with all of your shots you've taken on that day.

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