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Capturing night images with Dr. Chris Brown

Dr. Chris Brown reveals how he created stars of his own in this stunning photograph he shot by the captivating light of a campfire.

A campfire is a pretty special way to end the day and I can use the camera to tell a story and really make the most of the really unique light.

When you look around at the light on offer during a campfire, there’s a couple of things that really jump out: it’s the glow of the light off the faces of the people, the hot coals popping out and also the flames flickering around. A perfect shot would be combining those three into the one image and with this one I have tried to capture the essence of mates catching up around a fire and the good times from that.

For a shot like this, you need to move away from the fire just a little bit because it’s pretty much dark out. It is important to let a lot of light in with a longer exposure time. This will ensure that the image is a good one.

So drop your aperture right down and make sure that your ISO doesn’t go too high otherwise you'll get a bit of grain to the shot. And aim for an exposure time of around about 4 or 5 seconds. I've used an aperture of f/3.2, speed of 5.2” and and ISO of 400 for this shot.

What I love about this shot is that there were no stars out and it was cloudy early in the evening, but somehow through those sparks flying into the air I was able to create stars of my own.

Later in the evening the stars came out and I managed to capture this great image of friends around the campfire. For this image, I upped the ISO to 1000, opened up the aperture to f/2.8 to let as much light in as possible and then increased the exposure time to 30 seconds...asking everyone to keep as still as possible!

Just remember to use a tripod if you've got one or set your camera up on something solid and use the time delay setting so that you minimise any camera shake.

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Image of friends around a campfire taken by Dr Chris Brown
Image of friends around a campfire with sparks flying by Dr Chris Brown
Image of stars and friends around a campfire taken by Dr Chris Brown
Image credit: Dr Chris Brown, taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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