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Efficiently capture high quality images at the touch of a button

Canon CX-1
Canon CX1
A fully digital hybrid retinal camera system

Canon’s CX-1 is a Hybrid retinal camera: both mydriatic (requires eye drop to dilate pupils) and non-mydriatic. This two in one Fundus Camera is easy to operate, features auto-focus and auto-shot, perfect for small pupil photography. The additional feature of Autofluorescence Photography picks up heat, blood flow and abnormalities in blood vessels, making it easier to detect retinal disease.

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    One-touch selection of Myd/Non-Myd

    Switch between mydriatic and non-mydriatic imaging modes at the touch of a button and perform several concurrent ocular tests.

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    Superior image quality

    High-precision optics achieve retinal imaging of the highest quality even at wide angles. Images are extremely clear even when magnified to double.

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    Intelligent monitor assistance

    The onboard EOS camera’s LCD monitor provides several features to assist in efficient image acquisition, such as automatic magnification during focusing for clear split line observation. Magnification size options for the monitor enhance effective examination.

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    Intuitive operation

    CX-1 features easy operation, workflow efficiency, and ergonomic design. During observation, adjust shooting modes for optimal exam combinations.

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    Smooth procedural transitioning

    The control panel facilitates smooth procedural transitioning at the touch of a button. For additional usability choose the bundle control software.

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    Stereo image management

    A LCD monitor displays guides which automatically adjust for successful stereo images. Display, store and manage the images on the PC software.

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