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Break the rules with experimentation

The Lab series reveals experiences that shift creative thinking behind the lens and push photographers to break the rules with experimentation.

A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what is in front of it.

Photography is one of the most popular and accessible ways to make a creative expression. And while there is an abundance of technical content and ‘how to’ events, at Canon we also want to encourage you to grow creatively and develop your own unique style. So rip up the rule book and discover your inner creative voice and by inspired by The Lab.

Experiment with a new take on creativity

Watch these exceptional films to see the results

The Lab: Decoy

Adfest Gold - Best Use of Non-Fiction Film (Branded Content and Entertainment Lotus)

Adfest Bronze - Best Internet Film (Electronics and Home Appliances)

When we take images, we are never neutral towards the object we photograph, but rather a sum of all our thoughts, experiences and prejudices. Discover the results of this little human flaw.

The Lab: Imagination

The act of taking a photograph for someone else poses its own challenges. But how do you create an image for a client who sees the world from a completely different perspective?

The Lab: Deconstruct

Photography is all about creating amazing, meaningful images. But what would happen when you completely change your approach and forget what you know about photography?

The Lab: Evolution

In order to be creative, you have to eliminate the obvious uncreative solution first.

The Lab: Missing Person

Often as photographers we’re presented with the subject we need to capture and help tell their story. But what if it was the other way around where we had ‘the story’ but no person to capture?

The Lab: Blank

Having a mental blank is pretty common for a creative - a time when you’re completely stuck for ideas. But there’s always an answer, somewhere. You just need to look at things differently.

The Lab: Mindframe

Creating an image in your mind and visualising before you press the shutter is very difficult, so what if you create an image in your mind before it even exists?

The Lab: Unfocused

Looking past your assumptions can reveal new creative possibilities. What happens when you challenge the idea that a 'good' image is pin sharp and perfect?

You can see the results of some of the experiments above- Decoy, Evolution, Blank and Mindframe. Try the challenges yourself and let us know how you go.